Medical Cannabis Cultivation

The City of Adelanto allows and regulates Medical Cannabis activities in designated zoned areas in the city. Applicants are responsible for reading and understanding City Ordinances and regulations related to Medical Cannabis Cultivation. Medical Cannabis activity is only allowed in Light Manufacturing (LI), Manufacturing Industrial (MI), and Airport Development District (ADD) zones indicated on city zoning map. Please review the Medical Cannabis application and city zoning map prior to submittal. Applications will be review by a city planner. The application processing fee is non-refundable and permit is non-transferrable. Please review process below for cultivation.

​1. Secure property within City of Adelanto cultivation area. (Letter from leasing agent or property owner grant deed)

​ 2. Fill out Medical Cannabis application completely and submit application to the City of Adelanto Planning Department. Be sure to get Department of Justice live scan done. The application processing fee is $7000 per permit (non-refundable and non-transferable). Application review / process may take up to 30 to 90 day more or less.

​ 3. Application for permit will be reviewed by a city Planner following denial or approval letter which will be sent to applicant for signature.

​ 4. Apply for Conditional Use Permit to follow cultivation permit. Comprehensive Application. Conditional Use Permit (CUP) will be submitted to Planning Commission for approval.

​ 6. Submit plans for Tentative Improvements / new commercial to Building and Safety Department at city hall and San Bernardino County Fire Department located at 15900 Smoke Street, Hesperia, CA. 92345. Approval of  plans will grant Certificate of Occupancy.

​ 7. Apply for City of Adelanto Business License.


Medical Cannabis Cultivation & Dispensaries

Medical Cannabis Ordinances

  1. Amended Cannabis Ordinance No. 588
  2. Ordinance NO. 578 Temporary Cannabis Facilities
  3. Ordinance NO. 567 Medical Cannabis Cultivation Water Requirements
  4. Ordinance NO. 573 Medical Cannabis Transportation, to conform with state regulations
  5. Dispensaries Ordinance 553
  6. Ordinance NO. 555 Personal Cultivation and Personal use of Cannabis
  7. Ordinance NO. 539 Medical Marijuana Cultivation
  8. Ordinance NO. 553 - Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
  9. Ordinance NO. 561 City Legal Authority to enter and inspect cultivation areas
  10. Ordinance NO. 557 Overlay Zone
  11. Ordinance NO. 569 Voluntary Square footage contribution gross receipts tax
  12. Ordinance NO. 563 Create an overlay zone pemitting medical cannabis activities
  13. Ordinance NO. 564 Restrict Medical Cannabis within city to properties within the city cannabis overlay zone
  14. Ordinance NO. 575 Permit certain Voluntary contributors to qualify for a reduced contribution rate
  15. Ordinance NO. 572 Regulate Volatile Manufacturing of cannabis within the city
  16. Ordinance NO. 576 Extending the manufacture indusdtrial zone correct past land use inconsistencies and extend aiport park district area
  17. Ordinance NO. 577 Create ovelay zone and establish the city cannabis overlay zones
  18. Chapter 3.60 Cannabis Exise Tax
  19. Ordinance NO. 545 Medical Marijuana Manufacturing
  20. Ordinance NO. 556 Cultivation change Land Use
  21. Ordinance NO. 557 Overlay Zone
  22. Ordinance NO. 548 Regarding Distribution Transportation and Testing
  23. Ordinance NO. 579 Regulations pertaining to Medical Marijuana Nurseries
  24. Ordinance NO. 581 Eliminating FAR Requirements
  25. Ordinance NO. 558 Allow Indoor Medical Cannabis Manfacturing in LM Zone.pdf
  26. Ordinance NO. 559 Implement and exise tax on commercial cannabis.pdf

State Medical Marijuana Laws


State Cannabis