Recycling / Household Hazardous Waste

The Recycling Department is dedicated to keeping the community informed about environmental issues and the proper management of solid waste and hazardous waste. Remember the 3R's: Reduce waste before it starts, Reuse items and materials as much as possible, and Recycle when you have reduced and reused.

The 3R's will help you get to Zero Waste and living green.

Reduce Plastic shopping bag use. Get a free Reuseable Shopping Bag by spending $100 in the City of Adelanto. For details, please Email the Recycling Department.
Trash Rates - 2015
Residential Services Monthly Rate Annual Rate
30-gallon trash, 30-gallon recycle $24.45 $293.40
60-gallon trash, 60-gallon recycle (standard service) $25.73 $308.76
95-gallon trash, 60-gallon recycle $27.95 $335.40
extra 30-gallon trash $7.04 $84.48
extra 60-gallon trash $7.34 $88.08
extra 95-gallon trash $8.35 $100.20