Street Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The Department maintains a daily work-force to respond and repair roadway pavement. This includes fixing potholes, pavement patching, overlays, and slurry seals. The Division maintains a daily in-house street sweeping service. Roadway signs, markings, and traffic signals are also maintained as needed. Graffiti removal and public bus-stop shelter maintenance are also performed as needed by the department. The Department is also responsible for the maintenance of several drainage structures.
Paved road with street lights leading into a neighborhood of houses


The Department maintains a working relationship with Caltrans to assure that State Highways bordering the city including State Highway 395 and State Highway 18 and their intersection traffic signal systems are maintained.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions regarding the Street Department functions please contact the Public Works Department at 760-246-2300, ext. 3075.