City of Adelanto General Plan

The General Plan Land Use Map is the City's constitution for the development and to guide the city to future development.

​What is a “General Plan?”

Land use planners prepare a document called a “general plan” to guide overall building activities in the City. The general plan designates what land uses can go where. Also, the general plan represents the City’s long-term vision for land uses. It directs land use decisions in our community and includes goals, policies and maps to guide decisions. State law requires every general plan to include seven elements:​

• Land Use    • Circulation    • Housing    • Conservation     • Open Space    • Noise • Safety​​​​

​What is “Zoning?”

​Zoning divides land into different districts or “zones.” Zoning regulates what land uses can go in what zone. For example, housing goes in areas zoned for residential uses. Zoning regulations also set building and other standards, including building height, setbacks, parking areas, signage, and landscaping. If someone wants to use their property for something other than what it is zoned for, they can request that the zoning for that property be changed. This is a zone change request.​

​Sometimes certain kinds of uses in a zone are allowed, but only with restrictions and government review. The “conditional use permit” process is an example.” For more information on the City’s general plan/zoning districts, please refer to the Zoning District information sheet.

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