• Fire Truck with man sitting in the driver's seat
  • Two men holding a Raiders Football helmet
  • Several people standing under a tent outside
  • Man in a football jersey signing photographs
  • Man in a Football jersey standing with woman both holding a jersey that says
  • People standing under a tent with framed posters of football players
  • Parking lot with tents set up like a festival
  • People standing around a tent with the words Edison printed on it
  • Row at tents at an outdoor street festival
  • Man in football jersey number 93 standing with a women
  • Man signing a number 93 football jersey
  • Several people standing under a tent
  • Cop car parked at an outdoor festival near tents with people walking around
  • People standing under tent that says Recycle and Compost
  • A man in a football jersey shaking hands with a man in a police uniform
  • Row of tents at a street festival
  • Group of women standing in front of a tent
  • Group of people by a tent
  • Man in football jersey standing in front of tent

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