Qualifications for Candidates
A person is eligible to hold office if he/she is a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, and is a registered voter residing within the City of Adelanto city limits and shall have been a bona fide resident of the City for at least 30 days next preceding the date of the election (Charter, Sec. 502.b) at which he/she desires to be a candidate for such elective office. Verification of registration will be required prior to issuing nomination papers.
Planning for the Filing Deadline - Appointment
So that the City Clerk may spend ample and appropriate time with the candidate reviewing the submitted materials, candidates are encouraged to file early and to schedule an appointment. An adequate review of documents can take 30-45 minutes, this review is recommended to ensure that the candidate has complied with all requirements. Candidates are encourage to participate in the final review process to permit candidates to correct inadvertent errors or omissions. If any errors are found after filing they cannot be corrected.
Filing Fee (E.C. 10228)
The filing fee is a $25 processing fee (nonrefundable; cash or check payable to the City of Adelanto) for the cost of processing a candidate's nomination papers.
Candidate Handbook
A hard copy of the Candidate Handbook / Nomination Papers is available in the City Clerk's Office for a nominal fee when the Nomination Period opens. 
Candidate Packet
It is recommended that the candidate make an appointment to pick up the nomination forms personally at the City Clerk's Office. This permits staff to review the forms and procedures with the candidates. There are several forms requiring the candidate's signature.
Politics in City Hall Prohibited
No campaigning is allowed in City Hall. Solicitation of City Employees or Officers is also prohibited.
Candidate & Treasurer Webinar
FPPC will have a Candidate and Treasurer Webinar TBA
Additional Municipal Election Information
The Registrar of Voter's Office provides registered voter lists and reports that may assist the candidate during his/her campaign for City Elective Office. For further information on services and fees, please call the County of San Bernardino, Registrar of Voters at 909-387-8300.
Campaign Contributions
Candidates are advised that they may be required to file reports within 24 hours of receiving "late contributions" and should consult the Campaign Disclosure Manual (PDF).

The Current State Contribution Limit The contribution limit that will now apply to city and county candidates pursuant to AB 571 is updated biennially for inflation. Contribution limits can be found in Regulation 18545(a)2 and on the FPPC website’s FPPC Regulations page. The default limit for contributions to city and county candidates subject to AB 571 for 2021-2022 is set at $4,900 per election.

Candidates who serve as appointed officials to government agencies may be subject to State contribution limits and should consult Government Code 84308.
Brenda Lopez
City Clerk

City Clerk
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Phone: 760-246-2300, ext. 11123
Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 - Information for Local Candidates (PDF)