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18944.1. Gifts: Tickets or Passes to Events

The distribution of a ticket or pass pursuant to this regulation, including a ticket or pass that is provided to the official under subdivision (b)(1) above, shall be posted, on a form provided by the Commission, in a prominent fashion on the agency's website, within 30 days after the distribution. If the agency does not maintain a website, the form shall be maintained as a public record, be subject to inspection and copying under Section 81008(a), and be forwarded to the Commission for posting on its website.

Form 806 - Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

The FPPC adopted Form 806, which requires the legislative body making the appointment to another agency disclose the positions for which compensation is paid, the salary or stipend for each position, the name of the official who has been appointed to the position, the name of an alternate, if there is one, and the term of the position

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