Duties & Responsibilities
The engineering Department performs its function through cooperative work with the community development department to carefully review all projects submitted to the city prior to their entitlement to ensure that all projects are conditioned to be designed and constructed in accordance with the City of Adelanto development code and is in compliance with all federal, state and county regulation.
Subsequently once the conditions are approved by the planning commission, all plans are then further submitted for review and approval by the City Engineer to ensure that the approved conditions are upheld in the design of the project and that the improvements are in compliance with all laws and regulations.
During Construction
During construction activities the engineering department inspects the installation of the various improvements to ensure that it is done in compliance with the approved plans. The inspection process also reviews the job-site to make sure that the required safety equipment and procedures are maintained during the construction activities including that provision for the reduction of storm water and wind erosion and other environmental concerns are properly handled during the construction operations.
Other Projects
Technology has begun to play a large part in the review, design and maintenance operations of the various public improvements. In cooperation with the Community Development Department's Geographical Information System or G.I.S., the engineering department is working on mapping the various projects, improvements, and other critical data needed to assist with the future planning and development of the city. The Departments also working towards using various digital mediums to reduce the processing times needed to review and approve projects. This will improve service and provide faster access to archived records and plans for public records requests.

Applications for Permits
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Master Plan of Drainage
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Physical Address
11600 Air Expressway
Adelanto, CA 92301

Phone: 442-249-1142


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