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The City of Adelanto permits and regulates Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis activities in designated zones. Cannabis activity is permitted with a Conditional Use Permit in the following zones: Light Manufacturing (LM), Light Manufacturing Cannabis Only (LMCO), Manufacturing Industrial (MI), and Airport Development District (ADD). All applicants are responsible for reading and understanding both State and City regulations. Please review all information below before submitting an application.
There are two types of permits needed to operate a Non-Store Front Delivery Cannabis Business: in order to qualify for a Non-Store Front Delivery, you must currently hold one existing permit and apply for a Conditional Use permit. Cannabis permits are subject to the details of your business plan; you apply for the cannabis permits you plan to operate. The Land Use approval needed are determined by your development process. If you are developing vacant land, you will need a Location Development Plan, (to show your plans for the development of the site,) a Conditional Use Permit, (to request approval for a special use on your land,) and will also need to apply for the Environmental Assessment (to initiate the review of your project for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act).

While you look for a site to develop, keep in mind that you will be responsible for bringing utilities (water, sewer, power, etc.) and roads to your site. Under no circumstances may a site become operational without access to utilities and roads.

Detailed information can be found in our Municipal Code 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the application fee?
The application fee is $7371 per use and is non-refundable. Land Use application fees are separate. Cannabis Application
Is there a renewal fee?

The annual renewal fee is $8460 per use and is non-refundable.   Cannabis Renewal Application

A Cultivation Permit shall expire and be null and void 12 months after issuance to the Cultivation Permittee unless properly renewed. Upon payment of the applicable Cultivation Permit fees and passing the requisite Cultivation Permit inspections, a Cultivation Permittee that has maintained compliance with all City, State, and other applicable cannabis and business related laws shall be entitled to renew its Cultivation Permit subject to all prevailing laws at the time of renewal.

What is the live scan code? (Print LIVESCAN form HERE)
Where can I start a Cannabis business?
Before applying, applicants must secure property within the City of Adelanto in one of the approved zones. Applicant will be asked to provide a copy of the lease agreement for tenants, or a grant deed for property owners.
What approvals do I need?

Operating a non-storefront cannabis business in Adelanto requires two different types of approvals; you need both the Cannabis approval and a Land Use approval. If you are planning to operate within an existing building, you will need to apply for a Minor Conditional Use Permit (MCUP). If you are building a new building, you will need to apply for a Conditional Use Permit, Location Development Plan, and an Environmental Assessment. Please read the Comprehensive Land Use Application for more information. To operate a non-storefront delivery business a Conditional Use Permit is required to establish the non-storefront use per Section 17.80.130, of the Adelanto Zoning Code, which was enacted in December 2020 through Ord. No. 615.  Non-Storefront Retailer Permit” is a city permit to conduct retail sales of adult-use and/or medical cannabis exclusively via means of delivery and must currently hold a minimum of one active cannabis permits in the City of Adelanto.

How do I check in on my application once I submit?
When you submit your application, you will be assigned an application number. Please have this number ready if you would like to discuss your application. Only officers on the application will be able to discuss specifics regarding the project with the Planning Division. We aim to give you comments regarding your submittal within 30 days. If an applicant resubmits application materials due to the department’s corrections, the 30-day period may begin again. All new cannabis applications must be submitted with a full set of professionally drawn plans.
What cannabis uses can I apply for?
Adelanto accepts applications for both Medicinal and Adult-Use cannabis, permit fees are separate for each. Adelanto accepts applications for Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing (volatile or non-volatile), Distribution/Transportation, Nurseries, and Testing. The city does not accept applications for Dispensary facilities at this time. Previously permitted Medicinal Dispensary operators may apply for Adult-Use Dispensary approval.
Can I start my operation in temporary containers?
Adelanto no longer accepts applications for Temporary Use Permits for cannabis. All Land Use activities must be proposed as permanent structures. Any modular unit proposed must meet building code and will be subject to a design review.
Can I build greenhouses?
Greenhouses are not banned, however all structures must meet building code, be fully enclosed, and screened from view.
What other approvals are necessary?
When an application is submitted to the Planning, it is routed to different departments and agencies that may have additional requirements based on the specifics of your project. You will receive comments from these agencies and may need to make edits to your plans or to procure additional approvals. You must submit to the San Bernardino County Fire Department separately. If your site does not have access to water, sewer, or roads, the Engineering/Public Works departments will have specific requirements. Approvals from the Fire department, the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, the Lahontan Water Board are typically required for Cannabis related operations. Please see the flow chart below for a description of the Development Services review process.
Are cannabis permits transferable?
Cultivation Permit issued pursuant to this Section may be transferred so long as the Permittee satisfies the City’s Cultivation Permit application requirements and is in good standing with the city under the following circumstances: 1. The transfer results from the existing Permittee changing the corporation type or business type on file with the California Secretary of State, 2. The transfer is necessary to reflect the death or disability of an owner and/or person on file with the City as being responsible for the permitted operations, or 3. To reflect a bona-fide transfer of the permit as a part of a transfer of the permitted operation.
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