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Building Permits
Applications for all permits issued through the planning, building and engineering department.

Business License
The City of Adelanto is committed to encouraging business development and economic growth in the city. The city welcomes new businesses and strives to provide information to assist their success.

 Cannabis Permits
Applications and information for all cannabis permits.

Dog Licence
How to get a license for your dog including the required paperwork and benefits of registration.

Employment Opportunities
Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

Spay / Neuter Voucher Program
Currently, a City dog license must be purchased at the current fee of $70.00 prior to a SPAY/NEUTER voucher being issued. The voucher covers $40.00 and is applied directly to the cost of the surgery. Upon receipt of the voucher, contact a participating veterinarian and ask if the voucher is for full or partial payment of the sterilization.

Establishing New Water Service
The City of Adelanto requires that all customers complete an application, provide proof of residence (Deed of Trust or Rental Agreement) and identification, and pay the required establishment fee and deposit before service can be established.

Yard Sale Permit