Yard Sale Permit

 A permit, which may be obtained for a fee of $1.00 from the Business License Division, is required for all residential Garage/Yard Sales.

Time Limit of Sale
 The Garage/Yard Sale shall not be conducted before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. on the permitted days.
 No more than THREE (3) days for sale – FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY.
 No more than TWO (2) Garage/Yard Sales are permitted at one residence during a calendar year.

Permit Limitations
 The employment of help other than members of the resident family.
 Any alteration in the residential character of the premises.
 Generation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic greater than that normal to the district or of offensive or objectionable 
noise, glare, vibration, order or electrical disturbance.
 The use of more than one room in a dwelling unit or the maintenance of an office open to the general public.
 Tangible personal property shall be sold only on the premises of owner or lessee of the property where the sale is 
conducted, and said owner or lessee must be the legal owner of such tangible personal property at the time of 
such sale
 Sale shall be confined to garage, porch or patio on premises.

Application Form

English Form
Spanish Form