Animal Control

Duties & Responsibilities
Adelanto Animal Care and Control is one of the best organizations to eliminate pain and suffering and enhance the quality of life for animals in our area. Every day, the Division impacts companion animals in and around our community and improve people’s interaction with them. Additionally, Animal Care and Control is the source for valuable information about animals and provide the best opportunity for homeless animals to find their way home.

Animal Care and Control is highly effective and efficient, so much so, the Division has become a premiere organization in the high desert, a model for other animal welfare organizations to look toward. Adelanto Animal Care and Control has the best qualified staff to provide the services people and animals need. Our staff is diverse and brings a wide range of skills, capabilities, experiences and assets to the Division. Everyone associated with Animal Care and Control is passionately devoted to our mission.
Mission Statement
The mission of Animal Care and Control is to continue to grow and adapt to our ever changing community, and to provide the highest level of service and protection to our citizens and animals alike. We will accomplish this goal by providing our officers with the tools and knowledge to meet and exceed all present and future needs of the City of Adelanto. We will work in cooperation with our community to proactively address identified areas of needed improvement and to continually provide the level of service and safety so deserved by the community we serve.
Vision Statement
We envision the day that pets will be assured a safe and loving home. That education will overcome ignorance and no animal will suffer from abuse or neglect and continue to stress the importance of population control and to promote responsible pet ownership.
Service Above Self
The Division’s service theme revolves around our commitment to the community. In this sense, “Service Above Self” signifies our full engagement and involvement in the work at hand characterized by a single minded desire and motivation to overcome all obstacles in order to get the job done. Our commitment implies a willingness to make personal sacrifices and to remain focused on accomplishing our goals
Animal Care & Control Division
Physical Address
11600 Air Expressway
Adelanto, CA 92301

Phone: 442-249-1177
Fax: 442-249-1161


Monday - Thursday

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed Fridays, weekends, and holidays

License, Microchip & Vaccination Clinic

License, Microchip & vaccination Clinic 2024

Our Values

We pursue our mission with honor, fairness and respect. We uphold the values of the City of Adelanto in every action and decision. We are committed to act in good faith, to comply with the rule of law and City of Adelanto policies and regulations.


We are dedicated to a single purpose, fueled by a diversity of thought and action. We serve responsibly as members of all the communities in which we live and work. Our intent is for our staff to represent our diverse population, so we can maximize the relationship between the community and the City of Adelanto.


We remain dedicated to the public and our mission. We hold ourselves to the same standards of excellence that make Animal Care & Control a premier organization. We are committed to discovery and continuous improvement in developing and implementing our programs and services.


We believe that striving to be the best in our work, our ideas, our services and our relationships is the greatest demonstration of our pledge to the community. We are determined to do the best at what matters most. Our success depends on our staff’s ability to deliver the consistent level of excellence expected by all who rely on us.


Animal Care & Control values both our staff and the community and treat them with respect as individuals. We must operate in a climate of openness and trust in which each of us fully grants others respect and cooperation.


In an effort to support our mission, we are willing to take prudent risks. We strive to be proactive, innovative and creative in all we do.
How do I get a license for my dog?
Your dog must first get a rabies vaccination. This vaccination protects against the rabies virus. Dog licenses may be purchased at City Hall. Rabies vaccination and spay or neuter certificates must be presented at the time of licensing an animal. For more information, please visit the Get a Dog License page.