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Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Adelanto Building and Safety Department is to protect the lives and safety of the residents and visitors of Adelanto, preserve the City's quality of life, and contribute to the City's economic development. This is accomplished through the implementation of the California Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Codes as well as Disabled Access, Energy, Green Building and Zoning regulations for construction and maintenance of commercial, industrial, and residential development within the City.
A building permit grants legal permission to start construction of a building project. A building permit provides the means for Building Officials to reduce the potential hazards of unsafe construction and therefore ensuring the public health, safety and welfare.
Permit applications must be submitted before construction or remodeling. Only the property owner of the owner's licensed contractor or authorized agent can obtain a permit. The Building Official will inspect construction to ensure minimum standards are met and appropriate materials are used. Visit the Building and Safety for the permit process. 

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A building permit is required for any construction improvement, repair, alteration, construction, or demolition project, including pool or spa installations, sandblasting, most excavation and the erection of temporary structures such as temporary power poles. The applicant must provide the Building and Safety Department with who will do the work, project location and the scope of work. Most permits are processed quickly if the project is in compliance with the required construction codes and ordinance. The Plan checker will approve the plans or compile a list of corrections. The Building Department will call the applicant with results. Once permit fees are paid and the permit is issued the owner or licensed contractor is responsible for scheduling inspections. Once all inspections are signed off on permit the project is finialed and or will be ready for a Certificate of Occupancy. The Building and Safety Division enforces building codes and standards adopted by the State of California and the City of Adelanto for residential and commercial structures. Building and Safety Counter hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

City of Adelanto Municipal Code California Building Codes Online Access 
Free Access to 2022 California Code Standards-UpCodes Development Impact Fees
Building an Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU? ADU Grant Program



Online Services Now Available!  Applications are now submitted online, including paying fees and submitting plans. Check out CAMINO Building Permit Guide Demo for more information.
Building & Safety

Physical Address
11600 Air Expressway
Adelanto, CA 92301

Phone: 442-249-1182
Fax: 442-249-1181

Inspection Request Line
Phone: (760)246-2362
Inspections are between 8 pm and 4 pm. Customers may request an AM inspection or PM inspection, but it is not guaranteed. Please schedule inspections before 5 PM the day before the requested inspection. No inspections are available on Fridays.

Christy Yacona
Contract Permit Technician

Nubia Marin-Pinzon
Contract Permit Technician

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General Information15 documents

  • Adelanto Building Code Information
  • Building and Safety Application
  • Burrtec Design Guidelines for Enclosures
  • 2022 Building Code Effective Jan 1, 2023
  • General Submittal Procedures
  • Permittee Authorization Form-Contractor Declaration
  • Permittee Authorization Form-Property Owner Declaration
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
  • Residential Submittal Requirements
  • Requirements for BS Permit Application
  • General Inspection Information
  • Owner Builder Notice
  • Ord 627 Acessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
  • Situations Requiring a Permit
  • Special Inspector/Deputy Inspector Application

Permit Information13 documents

  • Adelanto Owner Builder Affidavit
  • Application for MDAQMD Clearance
  • Development Impact Fees
  • Detached Patio
  • MDAQMD Asbestos Checklist
  • MDAQMD Dust Control Plan Application
  • Permit Cancellation and Request For Refund
  • Plot Plan
  • Patio Site Plan
  • Refund Request Form
  • Sample Site Plan
  • Who Can Design
  • Waste Diversion Plan Form

Tenant Improvement and Commercial Project13 documents

  • Application for MDAQMD Clearance
  • APUA Connection Fee Sheet
  • Building and Safety Application
  • Commercial Equipment Submittal Requirements
  • Commercial and Residential Generators
  • Development Impact Fees
  • Demolition Renovation Forms
  • Developer School Fees as of 7.9.18
  • Hold-Harmless Plan Check Agreement
  • Meter Connection Fees
  • Submittal REQ Commercial Industrial TIs and Multi Family Dwelling Projects
  • Street Address Assignment 2023

Forms and Handouts21 documents

  • Cannabis Plant Processing and Extraction
  • Conventional Wood framed Cons
  • Block Wall Freestanding
  • Block Wall Site Plan
  • Free Standing Patio
  • Gas Pipe
  • Guidelines for Special Inspections
  • Parking lot Reconstruction, Surfacing and Re-striping
  • Pool Barrier
  • Pools (above ground)
  • Pool and Spa Demolition Handout
  • Pre-Manufactured Metal Patio Cover
  • Residential Electrical Load Calcs
  • Revisions to Approved Plans
  • Trash Enclosure Checklist
  • Trash Enclosure
  • Truss Calculations and Shop Drawings
  • Water Heater
  • Window Replacement Information 2019 CRC
  • Built-Up Roof Inspections
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations for Public Use

Solar Energy Permits2 documents

  • Solar Submittal Requirements
  • Sample Plans

Waste Diversion (WMP)2 documents

  • Waste Diversion Plan Form
  • Construction and Demolition Recycling Program

San Bernardino County Fire Forms6 documents

  • EZOP Online
  • Commercial Construction Application 2017 18
  • Commercial Sprinkler Construction Application 2017 18
  • DRC Application 2017 18
  • Fire Dept. Special-Event-Application
  • Single Family Residential Construction 2017 18 form


  • DRAFT City of Adelanto 2020 LHMP DATED 5-11
  • LHMP Appendix A - Plan Review Tool DATED 5-11-2020
  • lhmp Appendix B1_California Shake Potential DATED 5-11-2020
  • LHMP Appendix B2_Pan-flu Plan DATED 5-11-2020
  • LHMP Appendix B3_PSPS Decision Making Factors Fact Sheet DATED 5-11-2020
  • LHMP Appendix B4_CIP Budget DATED 5-11-2020
  • LHMP Appendix B5_Zoning Map DATED 5-11-2020

Certificate of Occupancy2 documents

  • What is a Certificate of Occupancy
  • What is Temporary Certificate Occupancy